Bachelor of Science in Social Science

The curriculum in the Social Science major is designed to provide strong academic training in any two of the four social sciences: Economics, Psychology, Sociology and Political Science.

日本一本道a不卡免费The mission of this major is to provide course offerings in the liberal arts curriculum of the College, in order to introduce students to the economic, psychological, political, and sociological aspects of human existence. This will add to their critical thinking processes as well as provide an academically strong major which affords an approach to the study of social systems and social change.

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Banking and Insurance

Market Research



Town Planning

Program Of Study (48 credits)

Required Courses (48 credits)

The Social Science Major is an interdisciplinary combination of the four social sciences: Sociology, Psychology, Political Science and Economics or Business. This major requires 16 courses, spread out over the social sciences. Very often courses for the major will also count as Designated General Education Requirements.


  • Seven courses in the first chosen social science (21 credits)
  • Five courses in the second chosen social science (15 credits)
  • Two social science correlatives from one or both of the other two social sciences not chosen in #1 or #2 (6 credits)
  • Two social science electives from any of the four social sciences (6 credits)